Do Not Rush

Sun of the Seasons
Greater Light
Do not hurry
Do not rush to show
For I am happy here
In the dark midwinter hush
Enfolded in the comfort of
The Lady’s blue-black
Star-speckled cloak

Oh, to still the wheel
A wondrous while
At this calm and splendid spoke

Son of the Highest
Light of the World
Do not hurry
Do not rush to grow
For I am happy
With You in the manger
Far from all Your destined danger
Clutched now safely
To Your Mother’s Breast

Oh, to stay right here
A wondrous while
In this quiet, starry rest.

2014 oakabbey


Afresh, You call me,
Lady of the Gael,
just as I think perhaps
I am done; too tired to
take another step, let alone
to dance in the rhythm of Your Grace.

Afresh You call
my attention to Your Face;
so kind and soft; eyes lit
with the Highest Love of All.

Afresh You call me
to tend the Flame;
the hearth within;
The Holy Name
too beautiful for words to form.

Afresh You call me
to Your warm abode,
to rest a while; step off
the weary road of my striving,
to drink from Mercy’s cool, enlivening stream.

Afresh You call me
when I seem all but lost,
and the cost of continuing feels too great;
yet You, Dear Lady, patiently wait,
for the only answer I can ever give.
For when I hear the tenderness of Your Voice,
the only choice is another “yes” and a renewed desire,
by Your Sacred Fire, to learn, to love, to live.

2014 oakabbey

Circle of Serenity

Sweet Circle of Serenity
Here in my frail humanity
The tactile means by which
I cling to Thee…
Dear Mother of my raw and restless heart.

The Garden where You walk with me
And sit beneath the tall oak tree
And give me Spirit’s Sight
By which I see…
Dear Mother, Your Pure Wisdom do impart.

From bead to bead as stone to stone
I cross dark waters; deep, unknown
Your Hand in mine, I do not
Cross alone…
Dear Mother, cross in hand, again I start.

Dear Mother of my raw and restless heart.

2014 oakabbey

Womb of Grace

What wonders
were worked
in the Womb of Grace
Wherein God received
a Human Face
and Paradise became
a Place, Deep Inside a Woman.

2014 oakabbey

Maker of Mysteries

Beyond all doctrine
and argued histories,
There is You,
O Maker of Mysteries.
There is You,
O Light beyond naming!
The Life and Love
impervious to taming.

There is the Great Song
on wind’s freedom heard.
There is morning dew’s
delicate, unquestionable word.

There is sacrament
of seafoam, soft
between my toes;
a body that intuits
and a heart that knows
this elemental bliss is part
of the Highest Order of Things.

My soul seeks silence,
my heart it sings.

2014 oakabbey

This Holy Season

I gaze through
the arched entrance
of This Holy Season

And I see
there waiting for me
the tender Flame of Love
beyond all reason

I know that
in this world
I seem a romantic
and a fool~

So passionately
taken by things unseen
So determined to detect
beauty in the ruins
and royal blue breaking through
growing plumes of pollution

All the same
without and within
The state of the world
reflecting the hearts
and souls of many

Collective consciousness
creating the evening news

God, keep me foolish

It is the only thing
that keeps me breathing
and gets me out of bed~

That You have blessed me
with a Flame to follow
And the desire to keep it alight

Fool and Flamekeeper…

Keep me alight with Love
Lead me through the arch
Warm my face, hands, and heart
by the glow of Your Tender Presence

In This Holy Season
In This Life
In This Eternity.

2014 oakabbey
on the Eve of Advent

bubble in the brook

There is no symbol worthy
of what You have brought to birth in me.
Having released and relinquished
every trinket, every trouble;
I become a little bubble
in the brook; carried in the soft flow
and golden glow of Love’s liquid sun~
the gentle stream of Compassion,
where struggle is undone.

2014 oakabbey


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